…Naked Possession

be decisive or you will be exposed


I come across many individuals on daily basis that work but still wander through life. Some enjoy what they are currently doing and can live on that with their family. It happened that many even derived joy in settling for what they have currently. The thinking is not bad but it may cause a damage in the nearest future.

Let us ponder on these questions together🤷🏾‍♂️
1. What is the feasibility of your skill in the next 5years?
2. Will demand increase for what I know currently or it is vanishing to a thin air?
3. With my current knowledge can I compete favourably with my mate globally?
4. Do I have the capacity to keep my existing market and expand to a new space?
5. Won’t machines and technology take over from me in the coming years and leave me stranded for life?
6.Do I have the capacity to embrace current development so as to increase productivity and increase efficiency?
7. Do I like the current stage of my life?
8. Am I prepared for what the future holds?

These are the questions that came into my head early this morning.

It appears to me that the world has metamorphosed into a global village and the power to remain relevant lies in the learning and acquisition of the needed skills to strive in the quick changing world. Learning is indeed a naked Profession that exposes your inabilities in due time.

I have seen more older folks that complain about structural unemployment. It baffles me a lot why an accountant of 21st century as an example dump the pain of learning the required accounting packages which are readily available to increase his skills and still settle for traditional methods. We see this in our day to day walk through life. We do fail to realise “the pain of learning is a gain of fortune”.

The place of learning is never too emphasised. It is a known fact that you can become all you want to , provided you are ready to go through the pain of learning(Naked Profession). Learning serves as a propeller which transfer an individual from a stage of mediocrity either to improve or to achieve excellence.

I grew up to ascertain the fact that (s)he who fail to learn at a younger age is definitely postponing the learning process to a future period and that may come in an unfavourable manner(Expose you). Even I was made to understand that learning is a continuous process. I’m glad to tell you that (s)he who fail to learn is actually learning to slow down his/her chances of prosperity. So why are we then slowing down the rate of learning?
Now let me ask you , WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING ?🙇🏿‍♂️

Don’t let your lack of Learning expose(naked) you oneday …..

Nana Kwame Boadu
(Millionaires Consultant)

Be your own boss , Let me be your Consultant

MD of SamBoad

VIAMillionaires Consultant
SOURCEMillionaires Consultant
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Nana Kwame Boadu (AMABE) - (b1989) A professional Human Resources Personnel by training and consultant by passion,Nana Kwame Boadu prefers to be referred to as "Millionaires Consultant" to entrepreneurs and Start Ups. Nana Kwame Boadu founded SamBoad Ventures in 2014 and later founded SamBoad Micro-Credit Services in 2018. SamBoad is a financial aid and business agency services provider with subsidiaries providing Loans, Dhl(Courier Services), Mobile Money Services, Consultation & Investment management and advisory services. Beyond the provision of basic financial aid and business agency intermediation services SamBoad has partnerships with banks, real estate firms, travel consultation firms and agents that actively invests in and promotes the development of small and medium size entreprises of African origin including start-ups. SamBoad Ventures - a flagship subsidiary of SamBoad, has been the leading provider of retail agency services to the informal sector of Ghana since 2014. SamBoad Micro-Credit Services is also another initiative of Nana Kwame Boadu. Established on the principles of helping start ups ,unbanked and upcoming entrepreneurs to provide financial aid to them, eradicating poverty and help promote and provide employment. As Lead marketer at Freights Masters shipping agency, he worked there for a year bringing in businesses for exports and clearing of goods.He then went ahead to serve the Nation for a year at Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) at koforidua.After he had an opportunity to work with BEIGE as a relationship officer – a Ghanaian based Financial Institution; he had responsibility for providing investment advisory, deposit mobilization, Loan advisory ,capacity building and Customer Service for One and a half years.He then moved to Dalex Finance as a loan officer and Sales and Marketing Representative,still building his Company SAMBOAD. An award winning Blogger/Consultant and Motivational Speaker highly regarded as one of Ghana’s emerging Start Up business leaders, Digital Marketer,Prolific Speakers and Entrepreneur and New Business Developer, Nana Kwame Boadu has demonstrated throughout his career, profound intellectual capacity in matters relating to entrepreneurship, start up and New Business Development as well as continuous leadership in business excellence.In 2015 he was recognized twice as a top distributor(Ghana) of Alliance in Motion Global(Alpha Alliance) and 2016 and 2017 he was recognized at his Branch as agorohene at the Adenta Branch of BEIGE. Nana Kwame Boadu was recognized by president of Full Gospel BusinessMen Fellowship International as promising youth personality for Entrepreneurship and Motivational Speaking. In 2017 he was again recognized as Promising Blogger in an Indian Daily Mill Magazine the 6th most influential Digital Marketer person in Indian(Facebook & Instagram). Nana Kwame Boadu’s ambition is to continue pursuing entrepreneurial aspirations as a means of influencing and inspiring a new breed of leaders from Africa and help build start ups to create employment through micro-loans, Summit ,Consulting and Digital Marketing. He is a Member of ABE, UK

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