Millionaires Consultant to storm Facebook with his much anticipated series and Ghanaians can’t wait.



Millionaires Consultant‘s new facebook series will be the first ever book written on a page daily and read freely by his followers in Ghana. Nana Kwame Boadu also known as THE GREATES➕, revealed that the much-anticipated book, ‘God In Your Business’ – which is set for a pre-Christmas release, will have total of twelve posts that will be done on Monday’s ,Wednesday’s and fridays from the 5th of Novemeber to the 30th of November, 2018 ,6am each day.

God in your business poster 300x115 - Millionaires Consultant to storm Facebook with his much anticipated series and Ghanaians can't  wait.

He made it clear – the publication will contain some of his falls and ups in life and few mistakes he made but for the GRACE OF GOD he still surviving. Nana Kwame Boadu explained to his followers in his tours : ‘You can’t do business without combining Grace”

‘I got inspirations from my fall, mistakes and rejections. ‘Many do businesses with their strength and some are in business making no progress but because of prestige they make people think they are in good business.’ It’s 4 Chapters and 12 pages, inspired by God and books i started reading’

radio 225x300 - Millionaires Consultant to storm Facebook with his much anticipated series and Ghanaians can't  wait.

Nana Kwame Boadu– who is currently the managing director of SamBoad and the Project Manager of Leela’s Love Foundation– has refuted accusations that this book will be turned into a book and sold out eventually, insisting it is something God has put on his heart to share and he is willing to go to any event ,church ,seminars etc to speak if he is invited. He added that ,’This book will be posted and promoted to Five African countries including my country ,Ghana and i have gotten tons of sponsors who are ready to make it happen and our goal is to reach one million people with this series.More sponsors touched by God after reading can message me on my page.”

The ‘Chains of Pain ,the problem and the process and naked profession article’ star added: ‘I’ve been speaking and motivating people for a long time –but it really started off with me just going for tours in senior high schools and tertiary institutions in 2015.

mill2 300x169 - Millionaires Consultant to storm Facebook with his much anticipated series and Ghanaians can't  wait.

Millionaires Consultant – who started entrepreneurship and motivational speaking in February 2015 – has also given his top tips on how to succeed in business in most of his articles shared on his facebook page “Millionaires Consultant” for free. He asked and explained: ‘If after reading so many books or attending so many seminars, a person’s business is not transformed, what could be the reason(s)?. I think a lot of people do not know how to bring God In their Business. So, in this series you’ll definitely see … He is one of the most promising young men who are ready to make sure start ups work and people see the importance of entrepreneurship and how they can combine the Grace of God with the small business skills. He added, “No one receives on earth unless it’s from above, so i’m probably going to put all that i can and directed by God to help the youth realize you can still serve God and run a profitable business.’…Nana Kwame Boadu has won awards and recognitions and a social media manager for top firms creating leads for them as his part time business.

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Nana Kwame Boadu (AMABE) - (b1989) A professional Human Resources Personnel by training and consultant by passion,Nana Kwame Boadu prefers to be referred to as "Millionaires Consultant" to entrepreneurs and Start Ups. Nana Kwame Boadu founded SamBoad Ventures in 2014 and later founded SamBoad Micro-Credit Services in 2018. SamBoad is a financial aid and business agency services provider with subsidiaries providing Loans, Dhl(Courier Services), Mobile Money Services, Consultation & Investment management and advisory services. Beyond the provision of basic financial aid and business agency intermediation services SamBoad has partnerships with banks, real estate firms, travel consultation firms and agents that actively invests in and promotes the development of small and medium size entreprises of African origin including start-ups. SamBoad Ventures - a flagship subsidiary of SamBoad, has been the leading provider of retail agency services to the informal sector of Ghana since 2014. SamBoad Micro-Credit Services is also another initiative of Nana Kwame Boadu. Established on the principles of helping start ups ,unbanked and upcoming entrepreneurs to provide financial aid to them, eradicating poverty and help promote and provide employment. As Lead marketer at Freights Masters shipping agency, he worked there for a year bringing in businesses for exports and clearing of goods.He then went ahead to serve the Nation for a year at Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority(DVLA) at koforidua.After he had an opportunity to work with BEIGE as a relationship officer – a Ghanaian based Financial Institution; he had responsibility for providing investment advisory, deposit mobilization, Loan advisory ,capacity building and Customer Service for One and a half years.He then moved to Dalex Finance as a loan officer and Sales and Marketing Representative,still building his Company SAMBOAD. An award winning Blogger/Consultant and Motivational Speaker highly regarded as one of Ghana’s emerging Start Up business leaders, Digital Marketer,Prolific Speakers and Entrepreneur and New Business Developer, Nana Kwame Boadu has demonstrated throughout his career, profound intellectual capacity in matters relating to entrepreneurship, start up and New Business Development as well as continuous leadership in business excellence.In 2015 he was recognized twice as a top distributor(Ghana) of Alliance in Motion Global(Alpha Alliance) and 2016 and 2017 he was recognized at his Branch as agorohene at the Adenta Branch of BEIGE. Nana Kwame Boadu was recognized by president of Full Gospel BusinessMen Fellowship International as promising youth personality for Entrepreneurship and Motivational Speaking. In 2017 he was again recognized as Promising Blogger in an Indian Daily Mill Magazine the 6th most influential Digital Marketer person in Indian(Facebook & Instagram). Nana Kwame Boadu’s ambition is to continue pursuing entrepreneurial aspirations as a means of influencing and inspiring a new breed of leaders from Africa and help build start ups to create employment through micro-loans, Summit ,Consulting and Digital Marketing. He is a Member of ABE, UK

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